Data Protection Policy

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) of Singapore protects your personal data while enabling us to use your data reasonably to serve you. Straits Clinic respects and keeps your data safe by:

  • Limiting access to only doctors and staff who are involved in your care, and to support internal audit processes.
  • Removing details as far as possible that identify you when using your data for internal purposes.
  • Using a Clinic Management System that is encrypted and compliant with regulations from the Ministry of Health, which can only be accessed by authorised doctors and staff.

Our clinic is part of the National University Hospital Primary Care Network, and we collaborate with other private and national healthcare providers to serve you better. We share relevant data with these providers through the trusted and secure systems, such as the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) system.

Straits Clinic is governed by the PDPA, the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (PHMCA), and the Healthcare Services Act (HSCA). Please be assured that personal data that is collected or disclosed will always be protected under these relevant laws. Within such legislation, we may share your data to

  • Comply with any regulations set forth by the MOH.
  • Review programmes that ensure patient safety and improve the quality of healthcare services.
  • Conduct disease surveillance to address public health concerns.

To ensure the continual improvement of the quality of medical services rendered to you, Straits Clinic may from time to time use your data to conduct quality assurance and service improvement efforts.

Please feel welcome to write to us at if you have any further questions or concerns.